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Our Vision

Clear Pathway Care’s vision is to lead in the provision of outstanding supported living services for people with learning disabilities, autism and other complex needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional outcomes, giving the people, we support the opportunity to lead a full and active lifestyle within their local communities and continue with life-long learning and personal development

Our Values

At Clear Pathway Care we put the service user at the heart of everything we do; this means that every member of staff regardless of their role and level of contact with service users receives the training and support they need to make a difference to the life of the person. We value our vision to push forward and always encourage each service user to achieve independence and to define their own future, whatever that may be. We strive to give each service user genuine empowerment and autonomy to shape the way their lead their lives and build self esteem. We believe in positive risk taking as valuable life experience and a tool to help each service user to learn valuable lessons, as such we will always support and encourage this.

Together, as an organisation and in consultation with the people we support, we have identified the following 4 Values which are core to the delivery of Clear Pathway Care’s service and ensure these are reinforced to staff at every opportunity.


To provide positive and quality outcomes for people with learning disabilities and Autism by providing person centred service that listens to the people we support and enable them to have power, choice and achievement. We strive for passion in our staff so they come to work with a sense of optimism and purpose because we are all clear that we are here to uphold and respect the rights of others.

Dignity and Respect

We treat all the people we support and work with, with dignity and respect as we believe it is vital to one’s self esteem and well being to be the recipient of kindness and to be protected from harm.

Professional Standards

We provide the highest quality services by listening carefully to the people we support and developing our staff to be able to deliver truly person centred outcomes to the highest professional standard.

Integrity, Honest and Reliable

We believe that being honest and reliable underpins our work here at Clear Pathway Care, building trustworthy relationships with all stakeholders. Following the duty of candour and being honest when things go wrong and to be able to learn from it. We work hard to ensure that we provide the level of service we say we will and keep the promises and commitments we make. We can be trusted not to deviate from our values because of our commitment to the highest professional standards and our approachable, honest and transparent dealings with all of those we come into contact with.

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